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Custom one-on-one Retreats in Colorado

 For her clients who want to experience transformational coaching and healing in person, Elisabeth can design a custom itinerary to spend time in guided meditation, all levels yoga custom for your body, guided introspection and journaling, active time in wilderness (hiking, cycling or horseback riding), massage, soaking in hot springs, and a blend of holistic health, life purpose, and spiritual coaching. You will leave with a self-care plan with action steps that you can take with you to feel whole and to lead a more fulfilling life.  Contact Elisabeth for a complimentary live webinar to discuss whether this is right for you.

Telluride Magazine published an article about Elisabeth's blend of healing retreats and transformational wellness coaching:

Telluride Magazine

"Elisabeth designed a custom 4-day retreat for me in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. Mornings started with yoga and meditation; hiking or SUPing in the afternoon; then journaling and yoga in the evening.  The pace was ideal with time to sit and reflect as the sun went down. Elisabeth was a fantastic host with an abundance of knowledge on spirituality, wellness and self-reflection. The location is stunning with a plethora of adventure-based activities and natural hot springs to sooth sore muscles. Looking forward to the next one!"

 - John Cahill, Portland, OR

Hiking in wilderness adjacent to retreat site

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Elisabeth in meditation posture

July 13-16, 2023 near Durango, Colorado

Yoga – Meditation – Music – Dance – Wellness - Conscious Community – Art – Camping  

see the full line up of presenters and musicians & register by clicking on image above

Free Live Online Webinar Retreat with Elisabeth:  Courageous Journey of the Soul

Monthly, starting Tuesday July 26, 2022, 4 -5p.m. Mountain Standard Time

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(Check back for future dates of these free monthly webinars, designed for those experiencing a rapid transformation or supporting a loved one  in such an experience).

Register by sending Elisabeth an email to [email protected]

Participants will discover:

  • guided meditation for centering
  • the spectrum of spiritual awakening, spiritual emergence, spiritual emergency, and spiritually transformative experiences
  • How to Ground after a Spiritual Emergence or Emergency
  • Resources of support during a rapid personal transformation
  • role of a spiritual emergence coach and the importance of a psychotherapist with spiritual competency

Elisabeth will discuss the list of tips and resources at the end of her book “Stillness and Wilderness”.

View the one-minute video trailer of the book:

 Those who participate will receive an offering of a discount on a retreat or her holistic coaching.

Book Readings

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presentation flier Grand Junction


Grand Junction, Colorado:

Meditation/Inner Yoga Workshop

Yoga Festivals 

Elisabeth will be teaching meditation in the mornings and a workshop on incorporating yoga on the mat, pranayama (breathwork), and meditation for a juicy sadhana. Click below to register: 

Sangha Fest

Retreats in Nature

Join Elisabeth on retreat in beautiful natural settings for three days of meditation, gentle yoga outside, hiking or cycling in nature, Ayurveda meals, massage, and transformative group coaching. Come to rejuvenate, make new friends and leave feeling refreshed and empowered.

Locations:  near Telluride, Colorado; Sedona, Arizona; Moab, Utah; and Encinitas, California. 

Dates and lodging details coming soon. Please sign up for the newsletter on the home page to ensure you don't miss out the announcements so that you can reserve your spot!

Elisabeth cycling and meditation

Pandemic Recovery Retreat for Frontline Responders and Public Health Officials

In October, Elisabeth is offering a retreat in southwestern Colorado for public health leaders and staff  (also former public health leaders) and frontline responders to the pandemic (EMS and healthcare providers who cared for those sick with coronavirus) for a trauma sensitive retreat for healing from the pandemic, where we will discuss  how to rebalance and heal both personally and with your communities.  Video describing the retreat is available on YouTube at:  

With a combination of: 

  • twenty years of public health leadership experience including responding to September 11th, anthrax letters and the pandemic.
  • a spiritual awakening sparked by loss, grief and trauma which I describe in my book
  • advanced coaching training and experience,
  • trauma informed yoga instructor training,
  • and a personal healing journey to heal from trauma, 

Elisabeth brings a unique blend of skills to support public health officials, former public health leaders, first responders and healthcare providers to heal, rejuvenate, and step back into the world feeling calm, grounded, and empowered.


Daily meditation and gentle yoga upon rising (*no  meditation or yoga experience required; all are welcome)

Soul soothing music during yoga

Fresh, healthy meals with vegan options

Outings in nature (choice of hiking, vigorous yoga or horseback riding)

Guided introspection in a group to support healing, integration and transformation

Optional massage and energy healer appointments for healing of body, mind and soul as add on option

Optional private, individual coaching for development of deep self care and/or career shift

October 7-9, 2022  

Retreat Tent in Wilderness

This retreat tent will be headed to Moab for a retreat amongst the red rocks later in 2021 and spring 2022. 

Cost:  $325 for Friday evening and 2 days, breakfast and lunch each day included. Lodging not included. 

Send Elisabeth an email or appointment request for the detailed itinerary, and we can discuss scheduling massages or horseback riding for you and pricing for adding that modality/activity. 

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Hike in San Juan Mountains

Red Rocks Immersion:  Work/Life Balance and Life Purpose Shift Retreat

In early November, Elisabeth is offering a retreat near Moab that will include meditation, yoga, cycling or hiking (optional), organic or vegetarian meals, massage and group coaching for those who want to use a healing weekend to shift their life into a better work/life balance or shift their life purpose. We will break through limiting beliefs through mindfulness and coaching techniques designed for you overcome fear and to embody your goals in life. Includes movement and deep immersion in nature together to expand your consciousness.

Elisabeth in wheel near Moab

Photo near Moab by Mary Kenez


Rejuvenation, Meditation, and Spiritual Coaching Retreat on the Ocean

Elisabeth in yoga crow position on beach

In January, Elisabeth is offering a retreat in the Encinitas/San Diego area of southern California for those who are interested in meditation, yoga, deep spiritual growth, Ayurveda meals, and trauma releasing massage with some private spiritual coaching on the beach. Reading or listening to her book Stillness and Wilderness  is recommended before booking this retreat (but not required) for context and to ensure you are open to spiritual coaching related to my experiences and training. If you have had spiritually transformative experiences and you need support for integration or want to understand the true purpose of meditation as taught in the scriptures, this retreat will be especially helpful for you. Lodging will be at a lovely house that overlooks the Pacific Ocean and a short walk to the heart of Encinitas and the Self-Realization Fellowship gardens and hermitage. Space is limited for this unique opportunity and setting, so please send me an email, so that we can make lodging arrangements for you. Plan to arrive on the afternoon or evening of Thursday December 1st. 

Cost:  $375 for three days, meals included. Lodging not included. 

Lodging is $100/night single occupancy, $125/night double occupancy.

A spiritual gift will await you in your room upon check in.

Send Elisabeth an email or appointment request for the lodging details and booking information, and we can discuss scheduling massages for you onsite and pricing for adding that modality.  Please connect with Elisabeth before paying to ensure this retreat is the right fit.

Elisabeth in prayer on beach


Kundalini Rising/NDE in Women Retreats and Coaching

For any women who have or are experiencing a kundalini rising or recovering from a near death experience (NDE) which has led you to need healing, integration, and spiritual guidance, Elisabeth will schedule a special retreat for you so that you can ground and feel confident in your life and spiritual path. In the video below, Elisabeth describes why she may be a good fit for supporting you through such an awakening and life change. Please request a free discovery session with me on the home page to find out more.