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Stillness and Wilderness

A brutifal journey from ego stripping to transformation. 

Elisabeth's tale of spiritual emergency shows us how to heal, search for truth, find a greater purpose, and arrive at wholeness. 

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Stillness and Wilderness front cover

Our society’s recent dark night of the soul during the pandemic and other world crises left many of us longing to continue awakening to find a new purpose, meaning, and coming together. Elisabeth’s tale of spiritual emergency shows us how to heal, grow, search for truth, find a greater purpose, and arrive at wholeness. She shares tips and resources for others who may experience such a rapid awakening. Repeated lost love combined with new trauma plunged Elisabeth’s soul into the dark depths of depression. As she dove deeper within herself and practiced being fully present to stop suffering, she unleashed a bright light and resulting power from within, a power that resides in every human. Her adventures through cycling, yoga, dance, and van life through the red deserts of Utah, the majestic mountains of Colorado and Canada, and the oceanside areas of California and Baja provided seemingly chance encounters and guidance that morphed into a quest to find answers to why this emerged . . . into a radical transformation. Ride along with Elisabeth’s spirit through a wild midlife journey to explore the “inner landscape” of the soul as well as the outer landscape of the bike trail. Elisabeth takes you from a frantic-paced mind, body, and life to stillness, bliss, transformation, and the ultimate, unconditional love. 

In Stillness & Wilderness, Elisabeth shares with the world her inner work in transforming during an intense spiritual awakening and resulting shift in my life's purpose. Life and many wise guides shaped her to serve others . . . to help you transform and release your inner light.

A list of resources is included at the end to support those who may experience an intense spiritual awakening, and educational opportunities for healthcare and mental health professionals who want to learn how to increase their competencies in spirituality in their counseling services to help their patients heal.

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"Beautifully captured." -- Shiva Rea

“Engaging and reminiscent of Eat, Pray, Love.” – Jack Adam Weber, Activist, Poet and Author of In Love:  Celebrating the Seasons of Intimate Relationship

 “For anyone who is going through a spiritual awakening (or close to someone who is), Stillness and Wilderness will bring you peace in knowing that you are not alone and that the light is guiding you just where you need to be. Elisabeth shares with her readers the intimate ups and downs of her sudden and intense awaking in its raw and authentic form. Spiritual awakenings are Divine blessings. Along with the bliss, peace and vast opening that accompanies and awakening often comes pain, confusion, loss and even despair. While no two travelers along life’s path will share the same experience, it is sacred, nonetheless. Stillness and Wilderness will guide you towards your well-being and spirit.”

 – Scott Salzman, Creator of Mobile Meditator  (inflatable meditation cushion) by Bright Spot Solutions

“Elisabeth poured her heart into creating this book. Others will enjoy reading how she was led to her spiritual path.” – Mas Vidal, founder and Director of Dancing Shiva, Ayurveda and Yoga teacher, author of Sun, Moon, and Earth