Are you a busy professional who is Struggling in a midlife Transition?

Are you or a loved one experiencing an intense spiritual awakening or spiritual emergence?

Elisabeth supports busy professionals and souls experiencing a challenging midlife change or spiritual emergence to transform from midlife strife to taking flight to "bee" their divine, Vibrant Self.

Are you a healthcare provider, veterinarian, or community health leader who has neglected your own health and lost yourself?

Elisabeth supports her clients to practice deep self care to find inner peace and return to wholeness in mind, body and soul.


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"Elisabeth went through a brutal transformation, a brutification really, and emerged as a powerful healer to support others with their return to wholeness."  

- Ben Tanzer, Coach, Storyteller, HEFT Creative Strategies

Elisabeth in tree pose in mountains

A former deadly disease investigator, Community health leader, and veterinarian, who helped prepare for and respond to the pandemic, I went through many dark nights of the soul that pushed me into spiritually transformative experiences that led me to powerful healers, mindfulness, yoga, Ayurveda and spiritual practices of deep wisdom.


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Are you asking, why should I hire a coach?

Check out this 2002 U.S. News & World Report article on this topic

hands in prayer with mala My preferred clients are those who want to be healthy while stepping more fully into a purpose to help others heal, animals, or the planet, and those who are experiencing a spiritual emergence and need support to blossom into their greatest potential.

Active coaching through gentle movement during our sessions will empower you to embody the changes you want in your life. Guided meditation at the start and end of sessions is offered. For my six month package clients, I also offer walking, hiking, yoga and meditation in nature or via webinar for my clients who want more movement and connection in our sessions.

As a travelling yoga instructor, I have studied and practiced various styles of yoga, so that I can adapt a class for your setting, including partner/couple yoga sessions.

Worksite wellness consultation is also a part of my services. If you are interested in a consult to support developing or improving a worksite wellness program, please email me.

Mental health advocacy is a passion of mine. I'm available for speaking on addressing reducing stigma around mental health challenges, integrating mental health services in community settings, and the intertwining of spirituality in mental health.

As author of "Stillness & Wilderness", I share with the world my inner transformation during an intense spiritual awakening and resulting mid-life shift.  Life and wise guides shaped me to serve others . . . to help you transform to release your inner light.

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